Can CBD Be Detected By Police Dogs?

Can CBD Be Detected By Police Dogs?

The short answer is yes; many police dogs receive training in the detection of illegal cannabis, terpenes, CBD, and components of the hemp plant. Keep in mind, however, with more States legalizing cannabis both recreationally and medically along with CBD hemp legalization across all 50 States, many law enforcement police dogs are no longer trained for it. Keep reading for a quick overview of why it’s unlikely a law K9 Police Dog would detect CDB.

What the Courts Say…

Recent court cases have been thrown out because numerous law enforcement officers have stated they don’t know if the dog is signaling for drugs like methamphetamine or legal substances like recreational or medical cannabis, which can lead to illegal search and seizures. This change in legal status for CBD and medical/recreational cannabis in many parts of the United States has altered law enforcement practices around the country.

How to Travel Safely With CBD Products

It’s always best to know your local CBD laws as well as the locales you visit when traveling with CBD. Many law enforcement agencies across the US have started retiring their drug dogs trained for cannabis and hemp detection while creating policies to ensure that new canine recruits are no longer training in this manner. 

It’s possible drug detection dogs in airports may still alert on CBD products or legal cannabis products, but our research shows it is a rare occurrence, especially in the last year (2019). Due to the addition of Hemp guidelines in the 2018 Farm Bill, it’s completely legal to fly with CBD products in the United States as long as they adhere to usual TSA standards regarding liquid volumes, etc.

Why CBD is Legal

These changes began with the Farm Bill defining hemp (which is where CBD comes from) as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC (the active component of cannabis that produces the “high”, unlike hemp’s CBD component that does not), and have been driven forward by consumers and medical professionals who realize the benefits of access to safe, quality CBD products.

Design Wellness recommends consumers research cannabis and hemp legislation and understands how to consume and transport products. Canna-savvy shoppers know the laws and always purchase lab-tested, quality products from legitimate sources.


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Jay Frentsos

Jay Frentsos is a CBD & Hemp Expert living in San Diego, CA. Jay has a passion for wellness and all things CBD. As a former manager of a cannabis dispensary, Jay has years of experience educating consumers on the best products for their lifestyle and needs. Jay has an Associates of Science from Cincinnati State. He enjoys exercising with his dog, Hazel, and researching wellness for both dogs and humans alike.