Can CBD hemp oil cause headaches?

Can CBD hemp oil cause headaches?

In a recent study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research, researchers from the Nova Institute in Germany demonstrated CBD hemp oil has few negative side effects on the human body and the oil has a favorable safety profile. Hemp oil is made from the aerial (flower) part of the hemp plant and is safe, non-toxic when used according to directions, and does not appear to cause headaches based according to the latest research. Some people can be allergic to plants and oils, so it’s always prudent to start with a small amount of any new product and consult your physician prior to use. Being transparent with all your healthcare providers is recommended as there could be potential for interactions with prescription medicines, but these are not typically associated with headache symptoms.

If you are experiencing headache symptoms, many healthcare professionals recommend tracking them in a headache journal to discover a pattern or cause. There are so many factors that can trigger headaches so this can lead to a clear picture of what is going on (NOTE: if you’re experiencing frequent headaches, we strongly suggest consulting a physician immediately for professional assessment). Tracking hemp oil consumption by journaling in the same way, along with all medicine and wellness products, for success factors and possible side effects is also recommended to create your own data that can be monitored and reflected upon down the road.

Lastly, it’s really important to always get your hemp oil from legal, compliant, reputable, tested, and trusted sources. It seems like you can’t go a day without seeing a sign for CBD in a smoke shop window, gas station, or retail store, but not all CBD products go through the same rigorous quality measures we recommend only buying from proven companies like the ones featured on our site and by hemp experts.


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