Is CBD Good for Older Dogs?

Is CBD Good for Older Dogs?

Older dogs, affectionately known as seniors, make up a large part of the Super Pups Pack as some of our most common customers for Super Pups Treats and CBD Oil. We love older dogs! From their calm demeanor to the years of wisdom and love they bring their owners. CBD treats and CBD oil tinctures for older dogs are currently very popular, and we’ve spent enough time researching that we want to share some of the possible benefits of the products we are proud to carry for your dog.

How Can Hemp (CBD) Oil Help Senior Dogs?

Much like senior citizens of the human type, older dogs deal with many daily “quality of life” issues. Even just getting up off the floor, getting into the car, or jumping up on the couch can be a hard task for an older dog. Many large dogs also have to deal with hip dysplasia and similar degenerative conditions that make activities that once brought joy, quite painful.

Here are a few of the many other ways that hemp extracted CBD oil may help your older dog on their journey through life:


For senior dogs, soreness can be caused by injury, surgery, and chronic and progressive diseases like hip dysplasia and arthritis. After looking for soreness management solutions that don’t include serious prescription drugs like opioids, many dog owners are turning to holistic options like CBD. Although these prescription medications are very effective, they can also come with very serious side effects. Side effects include chemical dependence, long term liver damage, and the potential for a lethal overdose. On the other hand, CBD has made waves in several studies showing its effectiveness for helping dogs experiencing soreness and discomfort, start each day with their best paw forward.


For dogs suffering from chronic conditions, inflammation can be a significant source of discomfort. Typically NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are used to provide inflammation relief, but recently this class of drugs has come under fire for it’s potentially harmful side effects for older dogs with weakened immune systems. As chronic conditions are long term, this plan is a concern since these drugs are known to cause kidney, gastrointestinal tract, liver issues.

Studies have now confirmed CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties both when ingested and when applied topically to the skin. New research shows that it’s possible CBD may be so effective against inflammation that it actually slows the progression of degenerative conditions like Osteoarthritis by counteracting the nerve damage caused by inflammation.


From hip dysplasia to arthritis, older dogs often have serious mobility issues that impact their daily lives. For many dogs, even the natural aging process can be hard on their ability to get out and do what they love to do. Since studies show CBD may contribute to addressing both discomfort and inflammation, it can be a really powerful tool for both mobility restoration and easing seniors on the go into their twilight years while allowing them to partake in the activities they love the most like swimming, hiking, or just getting around the house.


When accounting for the potential negative side effects of long-term opiate and NSAID use for aging dogs and those with chronic or serious acute aliments, CBD shines as a potentially life-changing tool or companion wellness routine for dogs. As older dogs can be extra sensitive to changes in diet and health care, we always recommend can be As with any change in diet or healthcare however, we always recommend reviewing CBD with your vet, especially for older dogs who may be more sensitive to interactions.

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