Why a CBD Tincture with No Taste is Sometimes Best

Why a CBD Tincture with No Taste is Sometimes Best

“You need fancy flavors to be healthy”

said no one ever.

Nowadays we are finding a wide range of CBD tinctures and drops available to consumers. This range not only includes the amount of CBD/Cannabinoid content, but also the range in flavors. From mint to cotton candy, CBD tinctures are quickly becoming available in a taste rainbow of flavors. But, sometimes flavoring isn’t all it adds up to be, and sometimes you may want an unflavored tincture, also known as “the tincture with no taste” *cue dramatic music*

The Tincture With No Taste… And Why It’s A Very Valid Choice

When we went looking for what flavor to create for our signature premium CBD Oil Drops (another name for tincture), we wanted to find a flavor that would appeal to everyone, and not be shocking in the morning (when many people take CBD daily), and also be able to mix into coffee or any other food/beverage without seriously disturbing the flavor profile. So, of course, we decided upon a Natural flavor, which is basically as unflavored of hemp extract as you can create, with only a hint of natural cannabinoid flavor. We cannot and would not remove this slight natural flavor, as it would perhaps affect the quality of the hemp extract. It’s perfect for adding to any beverage, food, or directly under your tongue.

Patrick Kilcoyne

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