Where to Find CBD for Dogs Near You…

Where to Find CBD for Dogs Near You…

So you’ve heard the hype… dogs can get in on the potential benefits of CBD extracted from the Hemp plant. But you and your dog probably have a few questions before trying this type of treat or oil (generally the CBD oils are referred to as “tinctures”).

Common question when shopping locally for CBD for your dog include:

Where can I find a local store that carries CBD for dogs near me?

You can find many hemp/CBD products at your local chain pet stores, and perhaps some of your local pet stores that are not franchises like Petco or Petsmart. We recommend purchasing from a reputable company online, as most like Super Pups offer fast and free shipping, and often their products are more affordable than those found in your local store. Online retailers generally offer more information about their products and are available to answer questions as well.

Is CBD legal for my dogs in my state?

Generally, yes, all hemp extract products (CBD) that contain under .03% THC are legal under the 2018 Farm Bill for hemp.

In what cities near me are CBD for dogs most popular?

The most popular cities to find CBD for your dog include San Diego, Las Vegas, Lakewood, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Knoxville, Grand Junction, Jacksonville, Orlando, Orange County, Boston, Omaha, NYC (New York City), Nashville, Memphis, Mesa, Milwaukee, Madison, OKC (Oklahoma City), Phoenix, Pittsburg, Rochester, Reno, Seattle, San Francisco, Tacoma, Tulsa, Houston, Denver, Dallas, Springfield, Spokane, Medford, Baltimore, Miami and other popular locations near your home or where you may be traveling with your dog.

Jay Frentsos

Jay Frentsos is a CBD & Hemp Expert living in San Diego, CA. Jay has a passion for wellness and all things CBD. As a former manager of a cannabis dispensary, Jay has years of experience educating consumers on the best products for their lifestyle and needs. Jay has an Associates of Science from Cincinnati State. He enjoys exercising with his dog, Hazel, and researching wellness for both dogs and humans alike.