Hemp Dog Treats & Oil for Hyperactive Dogs

Hemp Dog Treats & Oil for Hyperactive Dogs

We take pride in providing high quality hemp dog treats and tincture to dog owners all over the U.S. One of our most popular questions that people will ask is, “Will your CBD dog treats help with my hyperactive dog?” Let’s start by looking into what causes hyperactivity in dogs to begin with.

What causes hyperactivity in dogs?

There are a ton of different reasons you dog may exhibit hyperactive behavior, but the two big camps they fall into are sudden hyperactivity and sustained hyperactivity. Many sudden bouts of hyperactivity are a result of clear sources, while many sustained cases are harder to pinpoint and may require more intense training. Some sources are easier to pick up on than others so let’s dive in:

  • Fatigue – Believe it or not, being over-tired can result in sudden hyperactivity for some dogs. Exhaustion is stressful and hyperactivity can be a stress response as we’ve seen above.
  • Boredom – Dogs are smart, and many like having a job to do. When they get bored, that big brain can get antsy and those legs start moving!
  • Your Behavior – Dogs are mirrors of their owner’s behavior, having evolved for thousands of years to interpret our body language and hormone responses (smells). If you’re showing anxiety, hyperactivity, or other “flight” responses, your dog will likely follow suit.
  • Conditioning – Another reason for hyperactive behavior is that the dog hasn’t learned it any better. As a puppy, a dog naturally can’t control his energy and is always quite over the top when they’re awake. If you puppy grows up having received positive reinforcement for behaviors including hyperactivity, this behavior will likely be present as they mature.
  • Breed – Many small breeds like Corgis, Jack Russell Terriers, Poodles, Dachshund, Mini Pinchers, Mini Poodles, Pomeranians, and Papillons can be quite hyperactive naturally and a lot of training many be necessary to break them of this quality.
  • Stress – As mentioned in the Fatigue section, hyperactivity can be triggered by stress in a big way. CBD has helped many dogs in this way, since it can dull or negate stress responses in dogs (and humans!)

Solutions for hyperactivity

As hyperactivity can have so many causes, there are a variety of things to try, some more general than others.

  • Regular Sleep & Activity – Some dogs get anxious at night and may “patrol” their space to protect their people. While some of this behavior is innate, making sure your dog is awake and active during the day so their sleep mirrors yours. This can do two fold by combatting fatigue during the day and making sure they’re active.
  • Mental Stimulation – When dogs have something to focus on they are less likely to act out with hyperactivity. Toys made for heavy chewing as well as food based puzzles and dog TV are great options to keep that keen K9 brain distracted.
  • Just Remain Calm” – It’s far easier said than done, but keeping your movements and voice calm around your dog helps them stay calm themselves.
  • CBD or Other Natural Options – CBD has been seen by many to have calming effects for dogs due to its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System. While every dog is different, thousands of folks have found this to be a super effective method at calming their pup. Our CBD Hemp Dog Treats and Oils are great for bringing a bit more calm to your dog’s life, often mitigating hyperactivity as a result.
  • Swimming – We already covered general activity, but one of the BEST activities for curbing crazy hyperactivity is swimming. This low-impact fun is much easier on dogs’ bodies than other actives like hiking and running and the resistance of the water on movement is a wonderful tool for expelling extra energy.
  • Acceptance & Training – Some breeds have a TON of energy that can be perceived as “hyperactivity”. All or a combination of the above may be helpful, but at the end of the day some dogs are just full of energy 24/7 in their younger years and that’s A-OK as log as it’s not destructive behavior. In that case, it’s best to seek the help of a great local trainer to mitigate bad habits and replace them with healthy ones.

Questions about CBD for dogs?

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