How Does CBD Help with Inflammation?

How Does CBD Help with Inflammation?

CBD is a non-psychoactive molecule produced by the cannabis plants. One of its most common known benefits is to combat inflammation. Inflammation is a factor of pain and discomfort that lies in many health conditions and is a huge contributor in chronic pain. CBD has been studying in high depth over the past couple of years and is showing tremendous results in regards to its anticonvulsant, neuroprotective, and antioxidant properties. It has shown to lower blood pressure which is a huge factor in helping with inflammation.

Many people that work long days, sit in a chair all day, or are an athlete will most likely sense inflammation. This is why many studies are showing why people are ditching over-the –counter drugs for CBD because of their sometimes harsh side effects.

There was a study of over 2,400 CBD users that showed 42% of people stopped using pharmaceutical drugs (ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol, Aspirins, etc.) to use cannabis instead. Also, 80% of those people said that the CBD was extremely effective with easing their pain.

I love to use elite compound rubs or CBD tinctures 2-3 a day. I find it very helpful to bring my pain to ease as the days go on.


Now to get to the science behind how CBD helps with inflammation:

Everything has to do with The Endocannabinoid System (ECS). We have two cannabinoids receptors that influence our ECS, which are the CB1 receptor and the CB2 receptor.

CBD has a greater impact in the CB2 receptor as THC has a greater effect on the CB1 receptor. The CB2 receptor affects the immune system and inflammation is an immune response. The ECS focuses on what your body needs help with, so it will navigate the CBD to bind to the CB2 receptor and navigate to the inflammation your body is having. That is why the ECS is so powerful and great is because it tells the cannabinoids where to go and cure.

Research is showing that CBD is reaching so much more in our body relating to inflammation than we know. It combats inflammation and is associated with oxidative stress in numerous ways, including exerting an immunosuppressive effect on macrophages and microglial cells, which play a huge factor in inflammation and immunity. There’s even more this awesome plant is showing, it has recently been shown to significantly reduce chronic inflammatory pain by reaching and activating glycine receptors!

There has been many studies regarding CBD to inflammation and most studies show that CBD is the strongest anti-inflammatory option, defeating other huge contributors to inflammation such as: Omega-3, Vitamin C, and numerous other antioxidants.

There was a recent mice study for the Free radical and Medicine and it showed that stressed mice were positively impacted by CBD and that the inflammation was noticeably gone and the CBD reduced the risk of organ damage and dysfunction.

To simply put it, inflammation is extremely painful and no one wants to deal with it or have to take over the counter drugs and feel side effects. So let’s put down the over-the-counter drugs and result to CBD, which is all natural and can come in a variety of forms such as: tinctures, oils, edibles, rubs, creams, and more!

Now that we are past the scientific information and evidence CBD has shown to help with inflammation through our ECS, I hope you guys can leave this with more knowledge on CBD and what wonders it can do for our bodies and inflammation! Join Design Wellness to help guide you through your journey with cannabis!


Jay Frentsos

Jay Frentsos is a CBD & Hemp Expert living in San Diego, CA. Jay has a passion for wellness and all things CBD. As a former manager of a cannabis dispensary, Jay has years of experience educating consumers on the best products for their lifestyle and needs. Jay has an Associates of Science from Cincinnati State. He enjoys exercising with his dog, Hazel, and researching wellness for both dogs and humans alike.