How does CBD Help with Skin?

How does CBD Help with Skin?

You guys probably have been hearing the buzz on cannabidiol (CBD) trend, right? That’s because it is freakin’ awesome and helps people in so many ways. You probably heard it mostly benefits with anxiety, depression, PTSD, blood pressure, insomnia, inflammation, pain, etc. There are other benefits that might surprise some people and that it is with topical CBD that is great for skin in many ways.

CBD dates back thousands of years to ancient civilizations using CBD to soothe skin and use it on wounds since everything was handcrafted and had a lot of physical activity every day to survive.

How does CBD affect the presence of your skin? Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids through The Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The cannabinoids will bind with receptors in the ECS and it will manage to keep your skin in homeostasis, which is a joyful, soothing, healthy state. If your skin is dry, bumpy, or has blemishes that means your ECS is definitely not in the right state it should be in.

There are 4 major effects topical CBD can do for your skin in a positive way, such as:

Slowing down aging or wrinkling of skin – CBD contains antioxidant properties such as vitamins A, C, and E which will protect the skin from bacteria, molecules, and even UV rays from the sun that will potentially damage skin or dry it out which will cause skin aging, lines, wrinkles, and dark spots. So if you want to stay looking young and free try out some Design Wellness topical products!

Sooth your complexion – Topical CBD can also really soothe your skin, usually mixing coconut oil (which is very moisturizing) into the topical CBD to let the cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids bind with receptors in the ECS. It also is known to counteract free radicals in the skin.

Balance skin – Topical CBD has shown to help oily and dry skin. Nobody likes walking around with flakes of dry skin falling off your body or having a super shiny forehead from all the oils your body is producing. Topical CBD counteracts those reactions.

Helps with acne – Remember that CBD is different for everybody’s body. That being said, CBD oils and topical have been shown to really help reduce acne or even completely clear acne. CBD is known for having anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory functions can really diminish breakouts and reduce redness. Breakouts and redness are usually formed from inflammation in the skin and CBD counteracts the inflammation causing the bumps and redness to lessen.

Always remember that CBD is different on everybody’s skin determined by their hormones, immune system, nervous system, and even genetics. So if a certain CBD isn’t working for you, you can always try new brands, creams, rubs, gels, etc. A very highly recommended brand of CBD is Design Wellness.

I hope this information has given you a better understanding and has eliminated any doubt or equations you had about CBD and skin.

Now if you are tired of aging skin, bad complexion, redness, acne, and other skin issues. Also, tired of trying out and buying hundreds of different skincare products that don’t work join the journey millions of other people joined by using CBD to help cure your skin!

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