Mary’s Nutritionals Product Review & Ingredients

Mary’s Nutritionals Product Review & Ingredients

Tired of aches and pains from your favorite activities? From surfing to yoga, or even walks around the block, this Elite Compound from Mary’s Nutritonals is just the answer you were looking for to help soothe joints and relax sore muscles.

The Elite Compound is an award-winning Cannabidiol (CBD) topical balm from Mary’s Nutritionals, a hemp/cbd-based company out of Denver, Colorado. A spot-specific transdermal balm formulated for much deeper penetration than traditional topicals, the Elite Compound contains 100mg of powerful activated hemp extract.

What sticks out to me about this specific CBD balm is the combination of ingredients Mary’s Nutritionals has opted to use. The known benefits to some of these other ingredients is what really ties the product together, combined with its quality hemp derived CBD. Here is a list of some of the main ingredients for the Elite Compound balm and some of their known benefits to the body:

Mango Butter – Mango Butter has great natural anti-inflammatory properties which help heal so many problems in the human body, and are especially helpful with treating Eczema and Psoriasis. Due to its ultra-moisturizing properties this is a perfect ingredient to mix with Cannabidiol (CBD) to help treat skin conditions.

Beeswax – This ingredient is often found in aromatherapy practices due to its ability to maximize delivery of Essential Oils. Beeswax also has natural anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being an amazing natural moisturizer. Many find that bee products have excellent health benefits in general, that are still being researched.

Menthol – Menthol is known to help with those acute aches and pains by causing the skin to feel cool then warm. Many have already used the power of Menthol in leading non-CBD rubs and can attest to its soothing anti-inflammatory properties. This is perfect for those unwanted aches and pains from your favorite activities.

Oleic Acid – This is a fun one! Oleic Acid is an Omega-9 fatty acid whose name is derived from “oil or olives”. It has been linked to reducing blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, and to promote fat burning.

Isopropyl Myristate – This ingredient is something that you will find in your everyday life. Isopropyl Myristate has the ability to thicken formulations and give items such as lotions and deodorants a much denser texture. Not to mention that fact that its an emollient, which gives it the quality to soften or soothe the skin, leaving it nice and moisturized. One key note about Isopropyl Myristate is that recent studies have shown that it has strong skin penetrating properties, which for a balm, is exactly what you want. D

Optiphen – This is a key ingredient for cosmetics and creams because its helps kill germs and fight bacteria. This is a specialized blend of Phenoxyethanol in an emollient base of Caprylyl Glycol. This combination has been known to provide optimized protection against microbial growth. On top of fighting germs, it also adds that exceptional feel to your finished product by helping thicken the cream.

Full activated hemp extract – Full spectrum hemp oil extract is oil extracted from the hemp plant which contains all the cannabinoids found in the plant. Most importantly, in addition to these compounds, you will find terpenes. Terpenes are known to have a strong odor but those are also what is interacting with your Endocannabinoid system (ECS) and making your body feel a certain way.

Along with these key ingredients I have listed about you will also find an Essential Oil Fragrance Blend along with a few other oils such as sunflower seed oil, rice bran oil, grapeseed oil, and assorted oils of vegetable origin.

I’m hoping this article has explained in detail of what you can expect to find in this strong skin penetrating CBD balm from Mary’s Nutritionals. All the ingredients have specific benefits for the body and now that they are combined into the Elite Compound, it’s time to get rid of those aches and pains from your favorite activities.

Jay Frentsos

Jay Frentsos is a CBD & Hemp Expert living in San Diego, CA. Jay has a passion for wellness and all things CBD. As a former manager of a cannabis dispensary, Jay has years of experience educating consumers on the best products for their lifestyle and needs. Jay has an Associates of Science from Cincinnati State. He enjoys exercising with his dog, Hazel, and researching wellness for both dogs and humans alike.