Organic CBD Bath Bombs and Their Benefits

Organic CBD Bath Bombs and Their Benefits

Have you ever had one of those tough weeks where you can’t find time to do anything for yourself or take care of your body? Now that I am running my own company I find that this happens entirely too often. With not a lot of free time, I needed to find something that was going to help me completely unload and relax my body and mind after a long day, week, or month.

After some research, I stumbled across some articles on CBD bath bombs, and I had to look no further. I’m the type of guy who is very cautious about things that I put into my body, so after reading the reviews on multiple companies who produce CBD bath bombs, I found the perfect one out of Oregon called The CannaBomb. Not only do her CBD bath bombs contain organic ingredients, they are also vegan! Yes, that’s right, they are vegan CBD bath bombs. I have to say, during my research I didn’t stumble across many other CBD bath bombs who fit that criteria. I was thoroughly impressed with the reviews, descriptions, ingredients, and overall brand that I decided to order a few from the The CannaBomb website.

They couldn’t have showed up at a better time later that week because work had physically and mentally drained me and when I saw them sitting at my door when I got home I had a smile from ear to ear, and lets just say my night got better and better.

Let’s talk about a life changer! These 100 mg CBD bath bombs from The CannaBomb were magical for me.

I decided to go with the Lavender Kush bath bomb because the description/effects on The Cannabomb website said “Sleepy, Euphoric, Relaxed, Pacified, Rested” and I needed a sound night of sleep due to my responsibilities in the early morning. With some of the ingredients like the lavender essential oil (which is associated with relaxation and serenity) and linalool terpenes (associated with reducing stress and inflammation) absorbing into my skin, the description couldn’t have been more spot on as I slept like a baby.

One thing that stuck out while I was doing my research on CBD bath bombs was the mess there was to clean up after the bath was over. I was thinking to myself that this sounded like a nightmare to have to clean your bathtub for 30 minutes after such a pleasureful and relaxing experience, right? Well this was not the case with The Cannabomb CBD bath bombs due to the high quality of ingredients to make them. I had no clue how she got such a pretty purple color without using some sort of chemical/dye (that causes the stains in the bathtub) until I saw that she used organic dried purple carrots to get that natural purple look. I was one happy camper that I got to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the CBD as I dozed off to bed instead of having to worry about cleaning my bathtub.

Lets just say I am a big believer in CBD bath bombs now.

I am using about 3-4 of The Cannabombs a month now. I have noticed the soreness in my lower back and knees has almost completely gone away and I’m assuming that’s because of the overall reduction of inflammation in my body. With the mix of CBD and essential oils I can also tell my skin has been so much smoother and fresh which has helped dramatically with my sun spots that I get in the spring/summer.

It seems like there is new CBD brands popping up everyday and It might be hard for you to choose which company is right for you. I would recommend always checking where the CBD distillate or Isolate comes from and the Certificate of Analysis (COA), the ingredients, and the social channels of the brand to see how they interact with the public. I know you can visit www.designwellness.com which is a CBD Marketplace that you can find trusted brands like I just described. They don’t have just The Cannabombs CBD bath bombs, but they also have tinctures, topicals, and even CBD for your furry friends.

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