Peanut Butter or Bacon Dog Treats: Which Flavor Do Dogs Prefer?

Peanut Butter or Bacon Dog Treats: Which Flavor Do Dogs Prefer?

When doing our product research and development for Super Pups, we had an interesting and difficult question…. What flavor should we create our CBD dog treats?

We were biased. Our test dog, a Belgian Malinois named Super Pup Hazel (she thinks she’s famous.. and one day she just might be!) seemed to love every treat with peanut butter and we knew that every time she saw her dad making a PB & J sandwich, Hazel had to get a lick. But… we also knew that Super Pup Hazel would go crazy in the mornings when the smell of bacon was in the air. She would jump right up on a chair at breakfast and act like she deserved a piece of bacon as a member of the team, and we usually caved in and gave her a little bit.

So we couldn’t decide! Peanut butter and bacon flavor dog snacks are both very likable it seems to the majority of dogs. We went to the local dog beach and did plenty of taste testing with willing dogs and owners, and we got less than 1 percent denial of either flavor. The vast majority, over 99% of those who we have asked about their Super Pups CBD Dog Treats have thoroughly enjoyed the product. We can’t believe the overflow of happy dog pics we’re getting and will be sharing on our Instagram.

At the end of the day, it seems the best treat may be combo of both!

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