The Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy When Home Alone

The Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog Happy When Home Alone

Separation anxiety is tough for both dogs and their humans. Every dog owner wishes they could either hang out at home with their dog or bring their dog to work and everywhere else with them. We love our dogs like kids, get over it! But in today’s modern world, most of us need to be at work daily, dogless, leaving our furry best friends for lengthy amounts of time.

While many dogs will just sleep the day away while you are gone (or protect the house from the likes of Harry and Marv), many other dogs will struggle, barking, crying, or displaying destructive behavior. That’s why we wanted to sniff out a few good options for your dog’s entertainment!

Here are the best tips for keeping your dog HAPPY & HEALTHY while home alone:

  • TELEVISION – A popular and incredible new trend on YouTube and other video platforms is “Dog TV” which can relax, calm, and distract dogs. Be sure to try it out while you’re home, as some dogs might not enjoy it. You can find free options on youtube for “Dog TV” such as Relax My Dog on youtube.
  • PUZZLES – There is an abundance of food-based dog puzzles on the market that can keep dogs entertained for hours. Since dogs are so smart, they may get bored of the same puzzle daily, so it’s better to get a few cheaper ones and mix it up for them!
  • YOU – Thanks to modern technology there is also an abundance of “Dog Cameras” that allows you to keep an eye on your pup and talk to them. Some even have a screen for the dog as well as treat dispensing capabilities like the Furbo brand cameras.
  • SUPER PUPS CBD – For dogs with serious separation anxiety, many dog owners are turning to CBD for dogs. Oil can be added to peanut butter, then frozen in a Kong for slow-release, added to food, or treats can be dispensed by a dog walker or dog camera. Treats can also be given in the morning before work so that the dog’s first few hours alone are calm and set a better tone for the rest of the day.

Mix it up!

While these tips work great on their own, they are most effective as a combination. If you’re able to start your dog’s day by themselves off relaxed with CBD, have calming audio and visuals on the TV, and a puzzle or two ready for them for later with their favorite snack, your BFF will thank you with a relaxed day where they can be their best selves.

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