What’s the Best Way to Keep a CBD Journal?

What’s the Best Way to Keep a CBD Journal?

What is a CBD Journal?

Life can be hectic with lots to remember, which is why we always recommend our Design Wellness family, and their families, use a CBD journal to keep track of how it impacts their wellness. A CBD journal is just like any other daily record-keeping tool, in that it allows one to quickly track CBD use and its effects on the body.

How to use a CBD Journal?

We heard from many folks that they needed some advice on CBD journaling, which is why we’re proud to present the Design Wellness CBD Journal for you to download, print, and keep track of what you’re taking, when you’re taking it, how much you’re taking, how it makes you feel, and jot down any other notes you think are important like where you applied a skin cream to for instance. The best way to use a CBD journal is daily, as this provides the best feedback on how your CBD choices are performing and affecting your overall wellness.

Download the Design Wellness CBD Journal

Click here to download your blank copy of our CBD journal and start tracking your CBD use today! We are passionate about CBD’s ability to help people and have seen journaling prove to be a really powerful tool to optimize personal CBD needs.


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